Fierce Flower Avi Styling Competition Competition Overview

The contest is to find new avatar stylists that will be showcased in *{Kiko Life}*. This contest is managed by OyalDivergence and all entries become the property of Osutomi Melendez and *{Kiko Life}* Digital Cosmetics Co.

Competition Rules

  • Choosing Winners

    All winners will be chosen by *{Kiko Life}* owner, Osuntomi Melendez.

  • Number of Winners

    Osuntomi Melendez will select one grand prize winner and two runner ups.

  • Eligibility

    You must purchase a skin package from *{Kiko Life}*.

  • Verification

    You must show proof that you purchased that avatar package from  Kiko Life by pasting your transaction information onto the entry form. To get your transaction information click world, account history, highlight the transactions, hit ctrl c on your keyboard, go to the entry form and hit ctrl v to paste the information there.

Styling Guide

You may submit THREE pictures that are of the following criteria:

  • Head Shot

    Head shot with WHOLE hairstyle included. Please use largely static shots... no big hands... minimal movement.

  • Torso Shot

    Torso shot (can show hips). Minimal movement. No nips!

  • Full Length Shot

    Full length shot (usually an active pose), big hands, sexy, knock yaself out. This is where you can be as creative as you want. This shot you can think of as your 'money shot'.

  • Lighting

    Take photos at the highest possible resolution and use this guide for optimising your viewer without the need for a facelight.

Registration & Submissions

  • Registration Form

    Only official registrations via this page are eligible.

  • Photos

    Official registration form has the capacity to upload photos. Photos must accompany your submission or will be invalidated.

  • Group & Discord

    You must join our Flickr group and post your photos there as well.

    You can also join our Discord, and post your photos there.

Useful Resources

To help you we've compiled a list of resources you can use to help with photos.

Frequently Asked Questions

No! This competition is noobie friendly. We in fact encourage noobies to submit to the competition. This is a great way for you to learn the ropes, find fashion, define your avi's style and meet new people!

No! Kiko Life bloggers are encouraged to enter this competition, but the competition is open to anyone on the grid who wants to participate.

The only skin we will accept is the VIP freebie group skins. You must use your VIP group subscription transaction record as your official entry verification.

Nah... we're happy to see our stuff out there, but this competition is about how you style our skins. Feel free to be expressive. If our stuff helps, we love that... but don't let it limit you to one idea. Explore.

No. You can use your own shape, our shape, or another designer's shape.